B's Bees, founded in 2013, is a company comprised of 6 of Canton-Galva High School's Applied Business Development class students. Our lip balm, called The Bomb Balm, is only $2 per tube. All earnings will go back into the company and at the end of the year will be presented to the students in the form of scholarships. We ship worldwide. Help support new and excited entrepreneurs by purchasing The Bomb Balm! Personalized labels are also available. Contact us at bsbeeslipbalm@gmail.com.

From B's Bees comes our first ever commercial! Our lip balm is made of 100% natural ingredients and is available in a variety of explosive flavors. So good, it's irresistible!




Our brand new commercial, the B's Bees version of "The Bachelor"!

Our production makes our lip balm using five steps. First, we measure out ingredients, second, we melt them down together. Third, the melted lip balm is poured into tubes. Fourth, they are cleaned and labeled. Finally, they are packaged and ready to go out into the world!