What is B’s Bees?”

B’s Bees is a class at Canton Galva Jr./Sr. High School where students take on the task of running a business. B’s Bees has done lip balm, candles, bath bombs, and customized apparel. The products may change from class to class, but you will always receive that same great customer service!

What does B’s Bees do?”

B’s Bees for 2018 - 2019 does bulk customized apparel. Our minimum order size is five items. We customize your design to fit your image and supply great quality products to press it to. This includes hoodies, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, totes, etc.

How do I order apparel from B’s Bees?”

We currently do not support electronic payments. You may contact us and we can begin the process of filling your customized design order. Or, if you are looking for our current apparel order form, you can download it from our home page! All you have to do after filling out the order form is mail the form with a check addressed to “B’s Bees” and we will immediately start on your order. Here’s our address:

506 S Kansas Ave, Canton, KS 67428

When is B's Bees open?”

For 2018 - 2019, we are available on the phone or in person from 8am - 8:50am. Timely responses for emails and other messages will be around the same time. We are sorry for the inconvenience of class times, but we hope to get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I contact B’s Bees for my unique questions?”

The best way to contact us is by email: bsbeeslipbalm@gmail.com. We also have a phone number: (620) 628 - 4401. If you’re feeling adventurous, use Facebook and Twitter. Direct Message us or mention us in a post and we will get back to you!